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David Harrison

The question of denomination is very important, as is a name of the country in a particular period.  I have heard, more than once that there are more than 40 different distinct world-wide denominations of Jews,  I would also suggest that Reform in Great Britain is different to in the USA. On my side of the Atlantic Reform and Liberal share the same Rabbinic training and these people will often change from congregations of one to the other and maybe back again.  Likewise, if a person moves to a different town and there is no congregation of their preferred variety within (what is deemed) a reasonable travel distance, there may only be one congregation to join.  However our pandemic with services on Zoom is making it easier to join in services of the flavour that you prefer.  A pretty face may also result in a change of allegiance.

As young marrieds with a child we alternated festival celebrations with another couple and could not devise an alternative to "Godparents" to our mutual agreements (in our wills) that if one couple died then the other would take on the care of the other's children who were already very used to them.   Nearly 55 years later, I am the only parent of the four still alive, but with that same relationship to the other children, it may not be rare.

David Harrison
Birmingham, England.

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No one has mentioned what denomination of Judaism their family was part of. I wonder if Reform Judaism had a period in which it used godparents, maybe around the time when worship was moved to Sundays and there were no Bar/Bat Mitzvot.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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