Re: reconciling difference between family lore and Arolsen Archive information #france #holocaust


Hi Aline

As far as I know Mittelbau-Dora was a subcamp of Buchenwald not of Auschwitz. There is a website about Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora.

At the end of the war many prisoners from Auschwitz were sent to other camps like Mauthausen, some with trains, but many on the so-called "death march".

The Arolsen Archives have some records of Mauthausen online, but there is also a website about Mauthausen camp.

The deceased of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Did you seearch with different spellings of the surname on the Arolsen Archives? Sometimes I found one and the same person with different spellings there.


Corinne Iten

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