Searching for Descendants of Izrail Illich Ratner born 1830 and Bogdana Aronova from Mogilev and St Petersburg. #belarus #russia

Trish Lane

Izrail and Bogdana had 3 sons, Aron, Pavel born 1859, and Ilya born 1875. There were 6 daughters, Gena, Alexandra, Anna, Ekaterina,Rosa, Aksiniya and Cecilia. ages unknown.
I am connected to Pavel Izrailovic Ratner who married my Great Aunt Ita Julia. I also believe that my Great Grandmother, Julia's mother belonged to the Ratner family as Ratner was her maiden name. Was Pavel her nephew or cousin?
I would be very grateful to find the connection. I know that Pavel and Julia died in Paris where they lived since leaving St Petersburg in ? 1917.
Joel Ratner has edited this information on Genealogical Indexer. Could we be connected?
Kind Regards,
Patricia Lane
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