Request for information on Father after WW2 in Australia #general


Our Father Kurt Ehrmann was an enemy/friendly alien (Germany-England via KT-HMT Dunera-Australia) private the Australian Army and served in the Employment company in Australia (AEC) formally enlisting in Spring of 42
He came to the US in the Spring of 46 after his discharge in 45 from the AEC.
According to documents, we believe he spent some time in two places during the year he was delayed in leaving Australia for the US on the SS Matson for his 3 week trip to SF

We know that 
1. He spent some time in Richmond (Church street)..believe in southernmost Australia??
and then we believe at some point he
2. traveled up north and stayed a second place and believe he embarked on the SS Matson for his 3 week journey to SF which we believe left from Melbourne or Sydney in spring of 46 (we have original ship manifest w his name on it)

I know it is a long shot, but would be appreciative if anyone has any knowledge during this time period Spring 45 and beyond any organization that might have been responsible for finding housing of men in Australia from the time from discharge to their final destination.
Paul Ehrmann

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