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Gary Kauffman


I am hitting a "brick wall" trying to see how my Kauffman family line connects to a significant group of DNA cousins from the Laifman line that I have identified on numerous DNA sites. I have established that we are all probably third cousins. I have helped them build their family tree and have narrowed down the possible connection to be most likely the mother of a Joseph (Issik)  Laifman (1870-1947)  I suspect the connection is my great grandfather Nathan Kauffman's sister Michelle Kauffman. I know that she was "betrothed" to be married at a very early age in Narovyla, province of Minsk. I know she was married at a later age to Max Schectman and I am in contact with several of Max and Michelle's descendants in California that are proven DNA third cousins. Neither Max or Michelle came to the US. 

I have Joseph's ship manifest information (arrived US, settled in Chicago 1904), census information, tombstones, death certificates and unfortunately his mother's name is not listed anywhere.I know that Ida Labovsky, Joseph's wife, on her ship manifest when she came to the US with their children (1906), listed Narovyla as their last place of residence. I have Ida's parents names and they do not match my family.

I have searched and have found nothing. I am not aware of any revision lists in the 1870s that would be the ideal source of information. Ideally if I could find a marriage between Joseph's father Chaim Laifman and Michelle Kauffman in Narovyla circa 1870 that would be a miracle.  Any ideas to guide my search would be appreciated. Thank you.
Gary Kauffman
Paradise Valley, AZ, USA

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