Re: Researching: family Gunsberger of Papa, Hungary, including Flora/Fradel, who married a Lazar. Bodansky, Hungary. Lafosky, Ukraine, Hackers, Austria-Germany. Anyone else? #austria-czech #hungary #unitedkingdom #ukraine #holocaust

Karen Rader


I have a Gunsberger married to a Bodansky in my family tree. My 2nd great-grandfather Moshe Gunsberger, born in Deutschkreutz, Hungary about 1848 is the son of Benedict "Ben Tzion" Gunsberger and Betty Bodansky. I found these names on Moshe's marriage certificate found in the Hungarian vital records. Betty's last name is spelled Bedanzgi on the record and translated by the researcher as Bodansky which is what I have from family records. 

Ben Tzion and Betty had at least one more child, Aleksandor "Sandor" Gunsberger. They also had a grandson Geza born in 1893 who we believe died at a very early age as he would have been too young to stay in Hungary when the family immigrated to the US.

No other info on the two of them at this time. 

Karen Rader

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