Re: Gedcom corruption error on Ancestry #general

Sally Bruckheimer

Many databases use certain Special Characters for certain things, so use of / or * or other characters might cause problems.
But as a Database Administrator, I know that what should be in a certain box of the program is a single name - either a Double Name or a First and Middle name included. Aliases usually go into separate Alias or other boxes in the program. If your program has a place for Aliases, you would put somebody's Hebrew or Yiddish name there, as well as secular names. For example, my ggrandfather was born Baruch Lopes de Leao in Amsterdam, grew up as Barnett Lopes de Leao Laguna in London, and became Bernard Laguna in the US: his name and 2 aliases.
That said, in Ancestry, I put multiple names in the given and surname boxes, as Ancestry will search all given names and surnames to find Hints.
Fathers' names do not go in the name box: if he was Simon ben Abraham, his given name was Simon and his surname was ben Abraham. Either those would be his name, or perhaps an alias of Sam Cohen (a secular name of somebody in the US or UK). Legacy Family Tree, that I uses, allows for aliases, and allows you to 'swap' an alias and the primary name, but it will always show both in the search for a name, if you choose.
Dates can be a problem. If I have a Jewish date for some event, many programs won't allow it, but I wouldn't want to assume that today's ease of changing to a Christian date was available 100 or more years ago, so I wouldn't change to the Christian date, and I don't need to in Legacy Family Tree, although I have to turn off error checking of dates. Some other programs won't allow you to enter Jewish at all. A must be April or August, not Adar!
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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