Who was George Crale? #canada

David Scriven

Our group (JGSBC) is looking at the history of people buried in the Vancouver Jewish Cemetery. I'm investigating George Crale, b Dec 2, 1925, Glasgow, Scotland, d Feb 5, 1998, in a care home in Vancouver (dates from death certificate). He was single and no relatives are listed. The only record I could find for George Crale is a 1962 record of his passing through Miami en route to Nassau having flown from Mexico. The date and place of birth is correct, but his citizenship is shown as Brazilian. The next record (shown below) is dated 1946 and is the admission of George CRAL to Brazil and granting him permanent residence.

  1. The birth date and place fits George Crale
  2. He is single
  3. He was a chemist (probably a pharmacist)
  4. The signature is consistent with Cral (not a spelling error)
  5. He was granted the visa in Antwerp on 8 July,1946 as a stateless person.
  6. His parents are listed as John Cral and Mary Kane (Mary from a Sao Paulo record)
There is one more record from Sao Paulo listing the grant of Brazilian citizenship, but other than that I can find no other records.

So where's the mystery?
  1. There is no record in Scotland's people of a birth of a Cral, Crale or Kane.
  2. If he was born in Scotland, how did he become stateless?
  3. If he wasn't born in Scotland, where was he born? - the name Cral seems to come from NW Europe.
  4. How did he qualify as a chemist, as a Jew, in Europe, during the war?
  5. In the Arolsen archives there are a number of Cral's listed but none would fit either John Cral or his son.
There are a number of inconsistencies which make me wonder who he really was. Anyone have any ideas?

David Scriven
Vancouver, Canada

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