What nationality is my Grandmother? #germany #france

Debby Gincig Painter

My Grandmother was born in Alsace before the WWI when it was still Germany. (1905. Her birth certificate is in German.) After the war, when France was awarded back the two provinces of Alsace-Lorraine, her father moved the family to Germany because they did not want to be French citizens. However, the 1921 German Census (only one I have found so far), does lists them as French.

In 1925, she married my Grandfather (he was Polish) and moved to France. When deportations began there, they considered stateless and deported (7/1942) but my Mother and her 3 sisters were not because they were French citizens and French citizens were not being deported yet so it seems that the French didn't consider her French or she won't have been deported at that time. German records I found list place of birth (sometimes with incorrect birthdate) but never citizenship. 

I have not found French censuses online for the years 1925-1941 to find out what citizenship my Grandmother was considered after she moved back to France, during the war or if had it changed status because of the war and her place/time of birth. Any ideas on how to find out? Thank you.

Thank you
Debby Painter

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