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At this season and as we approach the start of another year of
genealogical research at Gesher Galicia, we want to update you on the
plans for next year's research projects, and ask for your support.

Our program for the year, across a range of projects, is again ambitious.
In addition, there is the recently launched Przemysl Identification Project,
in which Gesher Galicia members do the identifications, which we
announced at the end of October.

Plans for our existing projects for 2020 include the following.

Vital Records Project
The basis for genealogical research. Over the past eight years, and since
the launch of the All Galicia Database, we have uploaded indexes for some
470,000 Jewish Galician vital records. In the past 12 months alone, we
have indexed some 30,000 vital records. The towns in next year's project
include Kosow, Krakow, Kroscienko, Lezajsk, Mosciska, Nawaria, Podhajce,
Rzeszow, Stanislawow, Tarnopol, Tartakow, Tyczyn, and Zborow. For more
information see: .

Holocaust Project
We continue to work on the large project of Stanislawow Ghetto
documents. Records >from the period of the Nazi German occupation are
held in state archives in both Przemysl and Ivano-Frankivsk. We will have
indexed part of the Przemysl-based records by the end of this year and
the indexes will be publicly available and announced on Holocaust
Memorial Day in January. We will then complete that set and move to the
larger batch in Ivano-Frankivsk. See: .

Josephine and Franciscan Cadastral Survey Records Project
This project has uncovered much exciting information in the past four
years. Since its inception, some 53,000 J&F cadastral survey records have
been indexed, >from 56 towns. In 2020, J&F records >from 10 towns will be
indexed and put onto the database, including >from Baranow, Bursztyn,
Dubiecko, Dunajow, Jazlowiec, Narajow, Nowy Babilon, Nowy Sacz, Nowy
Targ, and Tarnobrzeg. For further information, please see: .

Medical Students Project
This specialist project brings together records and biographical details of
Galician students who attended a number of universities in
Austria-Hungary and its successor states (post 1918). To date, we have
made available information on some 3,500 Jewish medical students and
midwives attending the universities in Lemberg/Lwow, Krakow
(Jagiellonian), Pest, and Prague. Our members have also gained access
to the annotated database with complementary biographical data from
several other sources. See: .

Apart >from these projects, we will continue to produce maps for the
Map Room. Appearing soon will be maps >from Gorlice and Sedziszow, and
a map of Galicia, produced in Russia, >from the first decade of the 19th
century. There is also the Jewish Taxpayers Project, which has indexed
records >from the 1930s >from 24 towns to date, and will finish in 2020 with
a final set of eight towns - Narajow, Olesko, Podkamien, Sasow,
Sokolowka, Uscieczko, Zbaraz, and Zloczow.

The Fond 424 Project also continues through next year. We have already
uploaded to the Members Portal all the scans of 151 of the most
genealogically relevant files (out of a total of 207 files) in Fond 424 at
AGAD. In 2020, we will follow this up with spreadsheets in the Members
Portal of all the Fond 424 files we have indexed, and we will also update
the Fond 424 files that are publicly searchable on our online database.
Our Inventories Project, to produce good and easily searchable archival
inventories online, which took off this year, will be expanded.

All this work is expensive. We have struggled sometimes in the past in
raising enough funds for all the worthwhile projects that are planned, and
have more than once had to defer parts of these projects to the following
year. We rely on our members and other supporters to be able to continue
our work in 2020.

Please consider giving to one or more of the projects listed above or to the
"General Research Fund". This fund provides additional financial resources
- where needed - for producing maps and indexing records. It also
provides for unexpected expenses in the existing regular projects, for
maintaining our online archival inventories, and - importantly - for covering
the significant administrative costs of the new Przemysl Identification

To donate to any of these projects and funds, by credit card or PayPal,
please go to the "Donate" button at the top right-hand corner of the
Gesher Galicia home page, or directly to .

You may also pay by check, indicating which project(s) or funds you wish
your donation to go towards. Checks should be in US dollars, drawn on a
US bank, made payable to "Gesher Galicia, Inc." and mailed to:

Charlie Katz, Treasurer
Gesher Galicia
40 W 72 Street, #161 C
New York, NY 10023, USA

Please direct any questions to: info@.... Thank you very
much for any support, of whatever size, you may be able to give.

Kind regards,

Tony Kahane
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Dr Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to info@...

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