Re: Researching: family Gunsberger of Papa, Hungary, including Flora/Fradel, who married a Lazar. Bodansky, Hungary. Lafosky, Ukraine, Hackers, Austria-Germany. Anyone else? #hungary #austria-czech #ukraine #holocaust #unitedkingdom

Yitschok Margareten

My wife is a descendant of the Bodansky and Gunsberger families. 

I did some research on those families, and I can help you as far as I reached with my research. 

Rabbi Berel Lazar is indeed a descendant of those families. His father Moshe Lazar was the son of Yeshaya (Alexander) Lazar and Fradel (Flora) nee Gunsberger. 

Fradel (Flora) Lazar-Gunsberger was the daughter of Yehoshua Pinchas Gunsberger and Gittel nee Bodansky. 
Fradel (Flora) had a brother Gesa who married Irma, I don't know her maiden name, but it would make sense to assume that this is Gesa and Irma you mention. 

I came across a Wikipedia article about Dr. Isabel Gal who was the daughter of Gesa Gunsberger and Irma Hacker, which mentions her husband Endre Gal and her sisters Erica and Lia. 

My information about the Gunsberger and Bodansky families is beyond a post on this group, you can contact me for more details. 

Yitschok Margareten

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