Re: Digital book #general


Try to do it in LaTeX ( it is an open source collection of programs used by major publishers as well; and it it a potent tool, much better suited for publication purposes than Word. It allows you also to structure your workflow, and it produces pdf as an output (or html, XML). You will find (under the  webpage ) als the necessary tutorials (for whatever platform you work with (Windows, Mac, Linux). 

LaTeX is not (like Word) a Wysiwyg program. It works with an editor (various), and it uses commands and style sheets to typeset the text. This double text (commands plus text) is than processed (quickly). You can get the knack of it within few hours: it pays off well, producing beautiful text!

I work on a Mac platform, use TeXShop as my editor, as well as XeLaTeX as my typesetting processor.

Marcel Herbst
Zürich, Switzerland

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