Family name of PRUT PRUTH PROOTH PRUTKOFSKI #bessarabia #ukraine #russia

Charles M Prooth

Greetings from Colorado!

My paternal great grandfather took his family from what is today western Russia to London, UK around 1893. From what my grandfather told my mother who, in turn told me, the family originated in Bessarabia but must have migrated to the region of Vitebsk near the city of Nevel. This seems plausible since our family name, PROOTH is very similar to PRUT or PRUTH, the river that flows along the northern border of Bessarabia.

I have found a number of relatives in but nobody who has any knowledge of our ancestors. I have found no source of information online which may be of interest.

If anyone has any suggestion then I would be pleased to hear from him or her.


Charles Prooth.
Brit in Colorado Springs.

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