Re: How to find out-of-print books and publications #general #education

Irene Newhouse

WorldCat is also your friend. There's one caveat: when card catalogs were digitized, large libraries did not enter every single book. How far back they went depended on the funding for the project. At one university, for instance, they only entered every book published after 1960-something. Thereafter, as someone took out a book that hadn't been entered into the digital catalog, the circulation desk did it while it was being checked out. Well, in the late 1990s I routinely took out books for my genealogical research that had yet to be entered in the digital catalog. We  are often after books with very low circulation. However, it's still worth looking at WorldCat. If your local library has a decent interlibrary loan desk, you may well be able to have the book sent you.

Also, check the US used book sites - alibris, thriftbooks, abebooks regularly. At some random time, someone may sell the very book you want. zvab has the same rol in Germany. 

Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI USA

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