Nowy Sacz - Source of Resident List on Kehilalinks Page #galicia

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,

I'd appreciate help with information about Nowy Sacz records:

In the KehilaLinks web page for Nowy Sacz, there is a list of residents
that used to live in the city. The title of the list is:

"A List of 4,232 Jewish Residents of Nowy Sacz -
Compiled by William Leibner"

I'm investigating two names in this list - Ignacy and Wolf WOLFSTAL.

My question:

-- Can anyone please point me to the source records for this Nowy Sacz
resident list? (Any insight about the surname WOLFSTHAL in that Nowy
Sacz list will be of course very helpful.)

For reference, the links are:

KehilaLinks web page

List of residents

Thanks in advance.

Yaron Wolfsthal

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