Viewmate Translation - Polish (Corrected Announcement) #galicia

Judy Brodkey

In a previous posting, I mistakenly referred to this record as being in
German so am resending a corrected announcement.

I would appreciate your help in translating a vital record >from Skala which
is in Polish. Someone translated most of the record but we are missing a
few details, including the names of the witnesses, mohel and midwife.
I will paste in the information below that we already have >from the record.
Question marks indicate missing information.

The image is on Viewmate at

Please respond via ViewMate.

Thank you very much.

Judy Brodkey
Iowa City, Iowa USA

Birth Record Abraham Nissan
Record # 9
DOB: ?
Address: Skala 280
Date of Bris or Naming/Location: 30th June in Skala 248
Child's Given Name: Abraham Nissan
Male/Female: male
Born Legitimate or Illegitimate: ?
Father's name, occupation and place of residence: ?
Mother's name, civil marriage status occupation, parents' names
and place of residence: Ester Hirschhorn, daughter of Abraham Nissan
and Sura Lea Hirschorn >from Chodaczkow, Tarnopol ) ( Rachel (?) and
Nuchim Hechtenthal ??? in Skala
Signature of Witnesses and place of residence: ?
Signature of Mohel and place of residence: ?
Signature of Midwife and place of residence: ?

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