Re: Jewish Pre-War Newspapers in Ukrainian/Polish Archives #galicia

Michelle Tucker Chubenko

Since the following material requested could be of interest to other
researchers... have you looked to LIBRARIA (Ukrainian Online
Periodicals Archive)?


About the Project
"LIBRARIA - project of Archival Information Systems (AIS), carried out in
cooperation with libraries, archives and research institutions in Ukraine
and abroad. The purpose of the project - to digitize and provide online
access to a broad array of Ukrainian historical periodicals."

This project began in 2012, "when the first collection of Ukrainian
newspapers was scanned. Now more than 700,000 pages of more than
400 publications in Ukrainian, Polish, German, Romanian, Yiddish,
Crimean Tatar and Russian, published in different regions of Ukraine
and abroad >from the beginning of 1950s are digitized. The resource is
constantly updated with new publications." They are continuing "to
introduce millions of pages in the next few years, significantly
expanding the geographic and chronological scope of the project."

One thematic collection which might be of interest:

Interwar Jewish press of Galicia, Volhynia and Bukovina - 27 titles

Michelle Tucker Chubenko
"Our Ancestors -- Nashi Predky / Ukrainian Genealogy"

Co-Coordinator, Family History Group
Ukrainian History & Education Center


Israel Guttman <> wrote:

This is a general question: Has anyone ever done any research in
Lvov/Lemberg libraries that may have old Jewish prewar newspapers,
like Machzikei Hadass/Kol Machzikei Hadass? [I know about the
collection in Hebrew University and NYPL but they are missing issues.]

Or is there anyone to hire that can look into it?

If you have any information about this or any other Jewish newspapers
prewar in Ukrainian or Polish archives please contact me at

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