The 12th International Holocaust Remembrance Days in Podkarpackie Province #galicia

Gesher Galicia SIG

January 27, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz. Between now and February 22, but mainly between
January 27 and 31, a series of commemorative events is planned in
35 towns in southeastern Poland, under the auspices of the Marshal
of Podkarpackie [Subcarpathian] voivodeship, Wladyslaw Ortyl.

The complete list of towns and villages is:

Baranow Sandomierski, Blazowa, Czudec, Debica, Dukla, Dynow,
Glogow Malopolski, Gniewczyna Lancucka, Grodzisko Dolne,
Jankowice, Jaroslaw, Jasionka, Jaslo, Jodlowa, Kraczkowa, Krosno,
Lezajsk, Lubaczow, Markowa, Mielec, Niebylec, Pruchnik, Przemysl,
Przeworsk, Rudnik nad Sanem, Rymanow, Rzeszow, Sanok, Stalowa
Wola, Tarnobrzeg, Tyczyn, Tryncza, Ustrzyki Dolne, Zagorz, and

There will be talks, including by Holocaust survivors, musical
performances, exhibitions, church services, and various other
commemorative events.

The driving force behind this program, as in earlier years, is the
Department of Jewish History and Culture at the University of
Rzeszow, under Prof. Waclaw Wierzbieniec. Many other institutions,
though, are also involved in the sponsorship and organization of
events, including municipal councils, cultural centers, schools,
teacher training colleges, historical societies, organizations for the
preservation of Jewish heritage, museums, and local community

For further information, please contact: at Rzeszow University, or else: English-speakers can also call for
information at: +48 609504192, or +48 661582989.

Michal Majewski, Holocaust Project Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Tony Kahane, Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to one of the addresses given in the message above.

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