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I am pretty positive that I now know the death dates of both Anna Horowitz and Max Koenig. They both died in the Bronx, New York and are buried in Riverside cemetery in New Jersey. I was able to get a photo of only Max Koenig tombstone because it was still upright and in good shape. So I posted it in one of the groups on Facebook to get a translation which gave me some more information. So Max or Michael Ephraim Koenig was son of Josef. I was also under the assumption that Anna maiden name was Morgenstern, but finding the burial information on ancestry has disproved that, and shows it as Horowitz. That makes more sense since on the 1910 cenus there is a Samuel Horowitz living with them which I believe was Anna's brother. Then I said to myself where does Morgenstern come into play. I had that name from the death record I believe of Max's son Nathan. So I went on Jewish gen and started looking. In their Jewish Austria Vienna births I came across a few that listed the parent's as Josef and Johanna Morgenstern. So, I believe these to be Max's parents but can't completely confirm without finding a birth record for him. Max Michael Ephraim Koenig was born about 1866. Max was married twice, not sure who number one was but have not found any marriage listing for second wife Anna. I have not been able to find the birth listings of his two sons either, Nathan and Samuel who were both born in Austria. Nathan about 1889 and 1891 for Samuel. Max Koenig did not immigrate to America until 1902-1903. The other odd things is that I can't find the family on either the 1905,1915,or 1925 New York state Census. In 1910 Max was in Manhattan, then in 1920 he was in Connecticut where his son Nathan settled. Then about 1922-23 the father Max goes back to New York with the two younger kids William and Fannie/Florence. I am unable to find them on any 1930 census for New York, but find them on the 1940 living in the Bronx. So anyone who can help me with advice or if you have a connection and can shed more light on this.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)
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