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Although my background is Jewish from Staszow poland and has been for 7 generations. However, my DNA (recent.within 300 years) is 2.5% Vietnamese. My great Grandfather listed his father on the 1921 Toronto Census as being born in China. China may have been a 'catchword' for Vietnam, as Russia was the catchword for Belarus or The Ukraine. That means that my 3rd Great Grandfather was a trader in the Far East. Some traders would stay for many years and sometimes they entered into an agreement with a local Vietnamese family. Morals were different and Fathers would offer their (reportedly) willing daughters to live with the trader for the purpose of making light sknined baby girls. Fair skinned women were regarded as highly beautiful..but not the boys. When the trader would leave for Europe, sometimes after a decade or more, the girls would go home to their Vietnamese family and any boys that were born would go back to Europe with the trader. This must be how!
Were the names of these traders ever documented? Any info regarding traders would be appreciated. How they got from a small town in Poland to Vietnam in the early 1800's is really a mystery.
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Eric Warren

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