Town name: Szabotits, Szobatit, or something else? #austria-czech #germany #galicia #hungary #slovakia


Dear Siggers,
   We found an 1826 census of the Jews in Pest in Hebrew, with an entry for what we believe is our 3rd great-grandfather Salamon Basist (See attached, 4th person on the page. The headings appear to be German words, spelled out phonetically in Hebrew.) However, the last letter of the name of the town he was from is hard to make out for me (it is in the column just to the left of his name). Perhaps to one of you it will be obvious. In Latin letters the town name looks to me to be:  Sabitit_ or Sobitit_.

   In an 1840 census it seems to say Galizia. Then in 1844, Szabotits, and in 1846 Szobatit. (see attached images). I do not know of any towns in Galicia that look like Szabotits or Szobatit.
   Can anyone figure out which actual town this is?

   There are two prime possibilities (both not in Galicia), the first being:  "Sobotište (Hungarian: Ószombat, (til 1899) Szobotist) is a village and municipality in Senica District in the Trnava Region of western Slovakia." - from Wikipedia. However, I have searched all available records for this town that I know of and can find no Basist sounding names.
   The other being:  "Subotica (Serbian Cyrillic: Суботица, pronounced [sǔbotitsa]  Hungarian: Szabadka) is a city and the administrative center of the North Bačka District in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Formerly the largest city of Vojvodina region, contemporary Subotica is now the second largest city in the province." also from Wikipedia.The archivist in the Budapest large synagogue on Dohany Street where we found the original 1826 record thought it meant Subotica. But this is far from Germany (see below) and Galicia.

   Two other clues. My father's uncle's wife said she thought the name Bassist came from Germany from someone who sang bass. There are instances of some relatives using the name Singer as well as Bassist, so that lends some credance to the story.
   Another branch of the family I recently found said they had heard that the family originated in Silesia or parts even east of there.
   Galicia in the 1840 census is next to Silesia.

   So all of this is a mystery, any help with which I would be most grateful. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Larry Bassist

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