Re: Killings in Linkuva #lithuania #holocaust


That's not 100% fair - Rolandas Pupinis, a Catholic resident of Linkuva recently held a very moving and detailed ceremony in Linkuva commemorating and naming many of the Jews of Linkuva who were killed. It was held outside of the Synagogue. 

Lithuania is not quote Poland, and there are many good people. 

That said, many of these initiatives which would encourage people like me to visit and engage with Lithuania (something they desperately want and which is needed)  is totally undone by the recent bizarre parliamentary moves in Lithuania to make Citizenship restitution as hard as possible. They want you to be able to show that the ancestors who had left Lithuania in extremis were trying desperately hard to return "home" having been forced out due to various abuses. Not only is this absurd, but is also impossible to prove and disgraceful that one should have to prove something that would self evidently not have been wise for these refugees to contemplate.

I certainly will not be visiting Lithuania until this abusive change is corrected.  

You can watch the recent Linkuva ceremony here

Extracts of the English parts of the ceremony as well as other commemorations of the Jews of Linkuva by the wonderful Mr Pupinis and others are here

By contrast you can read about the rather backward and deeply insulting and damaging parliamentary initiatives here:

Aubrey Blumsohn

Sheffield UK

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