What to do with original Romanian passport from 1899 #romania #records


I have my great-grandfather's original passport, issued by  It is a single piece of paper about 11" x 17". There is writing on both sides of it and there are several stamps in different colors, as well as some embossed seals. It does not have a photograph. It is fragile and in poor condition, though the paper seems to have been of very high quality. It is torn in a few places.

My question is what should I do with it? Should I have it restored?  How do I find someone who will do a good job restoring it? What is the approximate cost for something like this?
What would I do with it after it has been restored?

Are there any places that accept donations of documents such as this?
Peggy Kugel

Rawitz and Bestrehsky from Berdychiv, Ukraine
Feierstein and Finkelstein from Mihaileni, Romania
Kraft, Kessel, Floon from Lutsk, Ukraine

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