Re: Kingdom of Hannover BMDs #germany #general

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Richard and list readers,

without knowing the name it is a bit difficult to provide support.
My first try would be researching in the very helpful database:

"Jews in the German Reich" via
Here you may find hints for the places in which certain family names occurred (after name-adoption).

Depending on the result I would offer to do some research on possible sources/literature.

In Bremen the Genealogical Society 'Die Maus' has also compiled diverse information of records on families/people in and around Bremen. Unfortunately, they don't have an English version of their website:

Most of the archival records are not online but will have to be 'dug up' in the State Archives in charge.

Kind regards from Germany

Corinna (Wöhrl) Hoisdorf, near Hamburg, Germany

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