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Dahn Cukier

A few years ago and my memory about
specifics is fuzzy.  Familysearch OR Ancestry put out that
they have un-indexed records from a number of courts.
In the early years of the 20th century, many courts
could issue naturalization papers.

One day I found my grandmothers (B 1902) naturalization
papers, she put down that my grandfather (B 1901) was naturalized
on x date and the number was y number.

ONLY with the date and number was I able to search through a number of Southern NY State
(not the court called "southern" but by area) courts, turning page after page (online)
I would begin about a month before the date and continue to the date.

I did finally find the correct forms. Only required a few weeks of looking.

My experience shows that if you do not have the date of oath,
there is going to be very time consuming. First find which courts
are most likely to have been involved. Queens was 7 towns until 4
were consolidated into NYC, but probably one county court. The papers may
be in Nassau county.

Once I found the nat. record with the correct name, and ship.
I was able to find Ellis Island entry.

Dahn Zukrowicz

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how do you know the fellow that
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On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 8:20:34 AM GMT+3, Jay Gilbert <jaygilbe@...> wrote:

I have been trying but have been unable to locate a New York City Naturalization record for Morris Malvin, and would welcome assistance.  In the 1910 US Federal Census, he is listed by that name.  He is 26 years old (b. 1884 in Russia, I believe in Warsaw), married, with two young children, living at Jamaica and Hempstead Turnpikes, Queens, NY.  His arrival year is listed as 1906 (I haven’t been able to find an arrival record either), and his citizenship status is “Alien”.  On his WWI Draft Registration Card, dated September 1918, and in the 1920 US Federal Census he is listed as “Naturalized”.  At those times he is 34 and 36 years old, and is living at Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY.  I have searched (as best I am able) on Ancestry, and have searched both the New York Southern and Eastern District Court documents available on Family Search, without finding his Naturalization record.  Family lore says that his name in Europe may have been Malawanczyk, and I have searched as well on that name.  I would be grateful for any suggestions or recommendations.

Thank you.

Jay Gilbert

Hastings on Hudson, New York



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