Re: What to do with Romanian Passports #romania


Make sure you have the document conserved, not restored. There is a difference. If you care about maintaining original worn look, then you need conservation, which also helps monetary value. Restoration, which tries to make an item look clean and new, usually lowers the monetary value of a piece. If you want to donate, ask the place what they want--my guess is they want it to be as original as possible. Look for a company that has expertise in paper. There is an association that you could google for places in your area and also learn about credentials. The cost for conservation (I don't know about restoration) is usually hourly. My example: About 20 years ago, I used The Conservation Center in Chicago to conserve a crayon drawing that was 8-1/2 x 11 inches and had a tear. The artist had drawn it in his early "starving" years on cheap paper, which contains naturally destructive acid.  To have the acid removed and rice paper used behind the damaged torn area, I spent about $200 at that time. Passport paper is unique, but someone could conserve it.
Anne Lobel Armel

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