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Hello Ed;

Sorry to bother you, but, I seem to be having a problem sending
and receiving posts >from the H-sig. Can you reply to me if this
gets to you so that I know if I am sending Ok, and, do you know
of any problem with the H-sig server?

Bob Cooper

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Date: Wednesday, July 29, 1998 3:36 PM
Subject: Finding the Name of a Passenger Ship

Seeing the discussion/search of the ship name "Valdun" or ?,
reminds me of
the useful book I just saw at the AJGS meeting in LA. The book
Ships of the World" by Eugene Smith, 1963, is a alphabetical
catalog of
ships covering years 1840-1962. Has photos and descriptions of
the service
life of each ship. Easy to search for likely names.
Sorry, I didn't get the publisher.

Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA

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