Re: What to do with Romanian Passports #romania

Emily Rosenberg

For right now it would help if you never touched the passport with your bare hands because the subtle oils in our skin gradually deteriorate the paper. If you are not doing conservation right away please make sure there is no plastic touching it (that's how we "saved" things 30 years ago) and that you don't continue to handle it . Move it one last time to a place where it can lay flat, hopefully with plain white tissue paper loosely wrapped around it. If you want to invest only a little money in it now you can buy an archival sleeve at one of these places like Gaylords. It will end up costing $25 for your size plus shipping. Or you could leave it folded and pay less for the sleeve but just as much for shipping. The key is to not fiddle with it.  Ouch for the sleeve price but you have a priceless object.
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