Re: Family Background Jewish or Not? Solf, Nagler, and Rucktäschel from Würzburg and Bamberg, Bavaria #germany #hungary #israel #holocaust

Shelley Mitchell

Through DNA testing, my family discovered a cousin who no one knew about from a mother no one heard about. If your parents are unwilling participants, do you have a female cousin who might help. Fortunately my mother tested. She couldn’t spit for Ancestry so she was swabbed for FTDNA. To determine which side a match was on, I had a cousin on my father’s side test. We’re all females because I couldn’t convince my mother’s nephew to test. But second in importance is a tree. I have many matches without a tree. Unless they are a close match, I don’t follow up with a message. For close matches I do. Even a small tree helps. Good luck!

Shelley Mitchell, NYC 

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