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Has anyone found records of the surname "Reichler" in Křešín, Bohemia? Or for that matter any other records in Křešín? I have been searching through the records that are now on Vademecum (since Badatelna was closed down) and have not found any that refer to Křešín.

The Křešín that I have in mind (since there is more than one of them) seems to be the one in Pelhřimov, which is sometimes called Křešín u Pacova (Křešín near Pacov). I can't be entirely sure, as the references that I am following do not specify a district (with one confusing exception, which I will explain in a moment), but I think that this is the one because it is the nearest one to the place in which the records containing the references. Those records were made in Radenín (Tábor District, South Bohemia Region). Since Křešín u Pacova is the nearest town called Křešín, I assume that it is the one that is meant.

(I spent some time chasing down villages called Křesín (with no haček on the "s") before I figured out that that was the wrong name. The records in German say "Křeschin," which makes clear that the middle consonant is "š" and not "s.")

The one reference that I have that provides further identifying information is a census record (from 1890) that under "Země, okres, osada" says "česká, královický, Křešín." I do not think that "královický" is a word in Czech; it looks to me like a garbling of "královský"; but there is no district of that name in Bohemia. There is Hradec Králové, but there is no Křešín there. There is a town of Kralovice near Prague, but that also is remote from any place called Křešín. 

In any case, just running with the assumption that the
Křešín in question is the one in Pelhřimov, where are the Austrian records? I have looked through many books from locations near Křešín, such as Lukavec,
Košetice, and Pacov, without finding a single record of a birth, wedding, or anything else in Křešín.

As for the surname "Reichler," I am trying to find the origins of a couple of people who bore that surname, both of whom are recorded as coming from
Křešín, and to determine whether they are related, and, if so, how.
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