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Ted Gostin

In addition to finishing the digitizing of the Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Kiev city, the E-Archives of the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv (CDIAK) has also started to digitize the Jewish vital records of other towns in the former Kiev uyezd (district or county).  In fond 1164, opis (inventory) 1 is the Jewish vital records for Kiev city.  Opis 2 contains the Jewish vital records for other towns in Kiev uyezd, including the following towns (as transliterated from the list on the CDIAK website, which is in modern Ukrainian, and not from older Russian names):  Bishiv (1854-1901, with gaps); Borodyanka (1875-1917, with gaps); Gostomel (1845-1917, but only a few years in that range); Dimer (1856-1917, with gaps); Ignativka (1854-1885, mostly complete); Kagarlik (1869-1906, with gaps); Makariv (1854-1910, with some gaps, but mostly complete); Motizhin (1854-1874); Obukhiv (1869-1874); Rzhishchiv (1851-1917, with gaps); Tripillya (1867-1874); and Yasnogorodka (a handful of years between 1877 and 1900). 

Within the opis, the towns are listed alphabetically, and then roughly chronologically within each town.  There are 457 separate items, or sprava numbers.  Only items 1-90 have been digitized so far; these include all of the surviving records for Bishiv, Borodyanka, Gostomel, and a few of the record books for Dimer.  The rest have not yet been digitized, but I will continue to check updates on the archives’ website, and post updates here when more records have been digitized.

An important note is that many of these records are not yet included on Alex Krakovsky’s site, and so as they are digitized on the CDIAK site, the images will represent the first time they have been readily available to researchers.

The list of all surviving records in fond 1164, opis 2, can be found at:


Ted Gostin
Sherman Oaks, CA  

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