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Hello all!
Gotta hear this!

I visited a relative in New York (father's side). In my photo album she
saw a picture of my grandmother (>from my mother's side) that got her very
excited as she claimed that that person looks familiar.

To claim knowledge of an unrelated woman, >from a different village,
after 55 years, sounded to me like a good story to cap off a long day.
Yet she was adamant and explained to me that she commuted on a local
train in Hungary in 1943 with a particular woman that was carrying geese
to the market. Since she had more geese than allowed on the train my
relative shared the load. This woman and the one in my picture just
looked too much the same.

Did you guess? It turned out to be true and I found a lead on the Roth
family that I had absolutely no information on.

Best regards, Szervusz

Alex Miller Reading Pennsylvania

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