Re: Can Nazi forced labour records be found of Bohemia (Böhmen-Kamnitz) ? #holocaust


There are records of survivors in the Arolson Archives too. Recently I found proof there of someones "onderduik". Also a woman who, while interned in Westerbork,  managed to "prove" she wasn't jewish enough, she was released. Her non-jewish husband in Kamp Vught. Her sisters though (at least one of them also a mixed marriage, all ended up in Sobibor or Auschwitz. I suppose they didn't find a clever lawyer ...

Several men named Adrianus Peeters in the Arolson Archives, but wrong d.o.b. Entries without d.o.b. though. Also, they may have lists that haven't been transcribed yet?
I see on Sara's "archiefkaart" in the Amsterdam Stadsarchief that they married 19 sept 1945 in Amsterdam.

I don't know if you have this: Adrianus' first wife must have given up hope ever seeing him again, and/or she found someone else.

Ned. Staatscourant 28-6-1945:

And Sara? Because of her name I had wrongly assumed she was Jewish.

Ned. Staatscourant 23-8-1941

In 1941 she lived in Amsterdam for a short while after her divorce, but moved back to Rotterdam soon after. Was registered in Amsterdam again in dec 1945, with husband Peeters. Two sons with her first husband, one of them died in 1950 in Rotterdam, age 18.

Loes Buisman,

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