Maternal great grandmother, Shirlee Grobstein, from Bobriusk #belarus

Nancy N. Smith

I recently found out that my maternal family was originally from Bobriusk. Searching for Harry Kohn (great grandfather) (Cohen, Kohen, Cohn), Lena (my grandmother), George (great uncle) and Shirlee Grobstein (great grandmother). Lena was born approximately 1900, George - approximately 1904. 

what I’ve been told, by Lena, that Shirlee was killed in the pogroms. I’ve found information that Harry came to the states circa 1906…Lena and George circa 1909-1910, and lived in upstate New York, before moving to Cleveland, Oh.
My questions are…was Kohn a popular name during that time period? Is there any way to find out if there’s a grave for Shirlee? What port would they have left from?
Thank you in advance! This has been a major brick wall for me!

Nancy Smith - searching KOHN (various spellings) and GROBSTEIN.
Tucson, AZ
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