Re: For researchers on Bohemian Jewry: looking for family name "Reichler" in Křešín #austria-czech


Thanks to those who have replied to me off-site (I did not make the request for private replies; perhaps the moderator did this out of concern for the privacy of descendants). I just want to add here, for the unlikely event that someone should find this page in a search, that I have learned that the term "královický" refers to Dolní Kralovice, a village in the Benešov District about 20 km from Křešín. There is no královický district, but Dolní Kralovice was the site of an office of the Benešov District (Bezirksamt) at the time that the documents that I was looking at were written. Also, I have found some birth records for Křešín in the records of Dolní Kralovice.

Also, now that I have read the instructions more carefully, I know enough to write the name "REICHLER" instead of "Reichler" when posting here.

Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.

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