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Nikki Nafziger

I apologize that it took me this long to figure out how to reply. My query is to Stephan Owen Parnes in particular, My great grandpa Hersch Leib Parnes was born in 1856. My Dad's Mom, Netti Parnes (Hersch Leib's first born) was born in 1880. The birth record I found said he was son of Uscher Stahl and Freude with Godparents Moses and Elkie Parnes. I'm trying to find out his parents and grandparents names.  The names Uscher Stahl and Freude are very confusing to me. The marriage you show in 1879 can't apply to his parents. I would love to be able to look up the original birth record, as you suggest. My problem is I'm such a technological dinosaur that I don't know what to put in the search engine, etc. Can you please tell me what specific steps to take? Do I put family search in the search engine....then Grodek Jewish family records? Please advise. Thank you. I'm hitting brick walls on going further back on any of my great grandparents. I can't even find what I found 15 years ago (when I last  devoted time and energy into tracing my family tree farther back). I'm first generation born in the United States. Both my parents were born in Oldenburg Germany, my Dad in 1915 and Harburg, Germany, my Mom in 1918. Both German Jews (all Jews. my 4 grandparents, greatgrandparents and the only greatgreat grandparents I've been able to find; researching 15 years ago). Thank you so much, in advance, for helping me. I really appreciate it. I have grandchildren I want to give copies of the family tree to. My name at birth (for genealogical purposes):

Nikki Renee Dresher.
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