Searching for Records on Isaac Gottlieb and His Wife Minni Feldt #poland #records #galicia


I am seeking information on sources for one-line records for Isaac Gottlieb and his wife, Minnie Feldt.  The records available on JewishGen, JRI-Poland and other sources do not align with family remembrances. Isaac Gottlieb immigrated to New York City around 1888. He is not the same individual as an Isaac Abraham Gottlieb.  His father's name is remembered as Morris, most likely Moses (Moishe).  He immigrated from the Galicia region of then Austria-Hungary.  Minnie is probably not her given Yiddish name and the last name may have be Feld. She was born in 1871 and immigrated in 1887 or 1888 from the same region, but not the same town as Isaac. The towns or regions remembered were Drohobych and Peremyshliany (both now in Ukraine). I have not found arrival records or manifest for either. She is remembered as being from a relatively wealthy family.  Among their children were three born in the late1880's: Harry, Benjamin and Sadie. I have no information on siblings for either Isaac or Minnie. 
Indy Crowley
Redmond, Washington USA

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