Steerage Experience #general

Marc Hodies

Apart from the movies and some singular experiences, for the majority of immigrants from 1906 to 1924, I wondered what it was like to be in steerage for up to 3 weeks.


1.  How often could they come up to the deck to get fresh air? How long could they stay on the deck?
2. Did they sleep in hammocks or beds? How crowded was it?
3. Steerage temperatures for both summer or winter? 
4. How did they eat?  Was food supplied? Supplied on the top deck or in steerage?  3 meals a day?
5. Did most get sea sickness and eventually recover a few days to a week later while still at sea?
6. Bathroom facilities? Did they change clothes over the course of the voyage?
7.  Was the baggage always near them?


Mark Hodies

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