German Jews who served the Third Reich #germany #general


For those who are interested in tracing their German ancestry, there is a fascinating, and sobering book, Hitler's Jewish Soldiers, written by Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg, University Press of Kansas, 2002. It documents the history of half-Jews, and quarter-Jews, called Mischlings (mongrels),  who served in WWII - and there were thousands. Existing records in the German archives document this. While those of full Jewish heritage were rejected from the service, unfortunately, due to the fact, and history of assimilation, many of these "acceptable" Jews proudly served the government, and even regarded their ancient faith as undesirable. Attempts to alter records of their family's genealogy, so that they would appear as "true Aryans" could also lead to severe repercussions. This is a book well worth reading.

Neilan Stern       neilan1@...
researching:  Stern, Pistrong, Brand - Radomysl Wielki, Poland;   Black, Schwarz  - Nesvizh,  Belarus; Aronov/wsky, Cohn - vilijampole, Kaunas, Lithuania

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