Re: Searching for 1936 marriage record Bobrka, Lwow, Poland #poland

Mark Halpern

Hi Rose:

Unfortunately, no Bobrka marriage records past 1875 have survived. Here are the Jewish vital records that have survived:

Births: 1863,1865,1872-1876,1878-1940 - births up through 1915 are included in the JRI-Poland online database.

Marriages: 1866-1867,1871-1873,1875 - all are included in the JRI-Poland online database

Deaths: 1904,1912,1914-1917,1927-1940 - deaths up through 1928 are included in the JRI-Poland online database. 

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Lwow Area Coordinator 


On 2021-08-01 7:57 pm, Rose wrote:

Dear Group

I'm currently searching for a 1936 marriage record for Naftali KLINGS and Chaya (Klara) MERKUR, who married in Bobrka, Lwow, Poland.

I would appreciate any assistance with this enquiry.

Best wishes,

Rose Raymen

Perth, Western Australia

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