Announcing the new JewishGen Press #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear JewishGen Community,

As announced at the recent Annual Meeting, JewishGen has re-organized our publishing division into the renamed JewishGen Press, providing a venue for the publication of non-fiction books pertaining to Jewish genealogy, history, culture, and heritage. 

Joel Alpert, who has previously managed our very successful Yizkor Books-in-Print project, will be leading this project as Coordinator and Managing Editor, along with a talented and dedicated volunteer Editorial Board consisting of Jessica Feinstein, Joyce Field, Rosanne Leeson, Shelly Sanders, Fran Sennerhurley, Renee Steinig, and Neil Weinstein.

The JewishGen Press will continue to publish Yizkor Books, but now will also publish other books, such as Shoah memoirs and research, genealogical research, collections of genealogical and historical materials, biographies and family histories, diaries and letters, studies of Jewish experience and cultural life in the past, academic theses, and other books of interest to the Jewish community. We are not considering works of fiction at this time.

ince the books will be produced by JewishGen Press volunteers, using third-party print-on-demand technology, we are able to publish books that would not be considered by for-profit publishing houses. We are well suited for high quality books that will not necessarily find a wide audience nor produce a profit, yet are of value to the Jewish community. Significant books with a small audience can find a home at JewishGen Press. 

For more information, including publication criteria and how to submit your manuscript for consideration, go to the JewishGen Press webpage at:

Please direct any questions to: press@...

Avraham Groll

Executive Director

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