Prusiner Charitable & Benevolent Association #usa #general


I have recently been given a copy of a short memoir outlining the inception of this organization by Harris Fine, Samuel Fine, Morris Kaplan, Barnet Levin, Barnet Chazen, Moses Watsky, and Fishel Levin.It seems like a charter was granted by NY State on 3 Dec 1888. Harris Fine was married to Tillie Berestitsky.

I am not clear on where Prusina is/was; it seems like Poland although there are other towns with similar names. I haven't really located much info about this association.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate the help. I am also happy to share the document.

Jeff Fine
Montclair, NJ, USA
Family names/towns
Sekuran, Bessarabia (Shecter, Eisenberg)
Igumen, Minsk, Belarus (Ekelchik, Sussman)
Minsk(?) (Fine, Z(w)erlin)
Ulanow, Poland (Hassenfeld, Laufer, Reich, Ölbaum)

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