Re: German Jews who served the Third Reich #germany #general


I second that. The book is fascinating. Among those of Jewish descent that served in the German Armed Forces were a Luftwaffe Field Marshal (Milch), an Admiral and several generals.  Milch's story is especially interesting, as his father was Jewish, but once the Gestapo started investigating his ancestry, Göring intervened and obtained an affidavit from Milch's mother, stating that his biological father was her own uncle and not her husband. This allowed Milch to be issued the "German Blood" certificate, exempting him from German racial laws.  It is said that in response to a comment by an official regarding the validity of Milch's mother's statement, Göring said "I decide who is a Jew!".  After the war Milch was convicted at the Nuremberg trials of of war crimes and spent several years in jail.

Don Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ

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