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Cherie Korer (
Varanno records
August 1, 1998

There are some military records or "muster rolls" for those researching
Vranov. The microfilm numbers are: 0629869 and 0629857 the Varanno
Synogogue numbers are 1794330-31. The military records show the son and
father's name, place of birth and current city of residence.

I learned >from the Mayor of Humenne (Zemplen county) that the records are
kept in Presov. Perhaps the Varanno records are also there. If you write
to the archives in Bratislava, I was told they would route them to the
appropriate local archives. Forms are available at the Mormon Family
History Library. I have a Mendel Roth in my family tree, living in
Tot Yablonka (Jablon today) about 16 miles north of Humenne.

I hope my microfilm numbers are correct, but please check them.

Good luck!

Cherie Korer, Scottsdale, Az

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