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Yitschok Margareten

Reviving an old topic... 

Pupa was not really considered a Chassidic court before the Holocaust, there was a Yeshiva in Papa led by Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia Grunwald, the students were not necessarily residents of Papa. Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia was the Rabbi of the Chassidic community in Papa. 

After the Holocaust Rabbi Yosef Grunwald son of Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia reestablished the Yeshiva and later moved it to New York, and established a full fledged Chassidic community. 

Most of his followers were former students of the Yeshiva in Papa and their offspring. 

Today Pupa is a full fledged Chassidic court led by Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia Grunwald son of Rabbi Yosef and grandson of the first Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia. 

You can read about the Pupa Chassidic community on Wikipedia Pupa (Hasidic dynasty)

Yitschok Margareten

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