Re: For researchers on Bohemian Jewry: looking for family name "Reichler" in Křešín #austria-czech


A further update: In the last sentence of my first post, I said: "I am trying to find the origins of a couple of people who bore that surname [viz., REICHLER], both of whom are recorded as coming from Křešín, and to determine whether they are related, and, if so, how." I have found the answer to my question, the particulars of which are unlikely to be of interest to anyone reading this, but there is one point on which I think it worth reporting on my findings. In present-day Bohemia there is a Křešín in Přibram District and a Křešín in Pelhřimov District. It turns out that some of the records that I was looking at referred to one and others to the other. The REICHLER family of Bohemia originated in Křešín in Přibram (where the name was originally REICHL, according to one source), but one member of it relocated to Křešín in Pelhřimov. Why she did that I don't know, but I can't help entertaining the idea that she did it for the express purpose of confounding genealogical researchers two hundred years later.
Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.

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