New Look at the Question of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Genetics #dna #sephardic

Adam Cherson

Greetings Genetic Researchers,

Some new genetic testing of 6 Ashkenazic males, 5 Ashkenazic females, and 1 Sephardic male permits me to make some preliminary observations on this conversation.

Here is a summary chart showing what I have found:

A) the predominant ancient origin of all groups is between 88.6% and 98% Near Eastern, B) the Sephardi cohort is characterized as having a larger proportion of Coastal Near Eastern genes (Central Levant) and a smaller proportion of Eurasian Steppe genes, C) all groups have roughly the same amount of Mountain Near Eastern genes (Northern Zagros and Transcaucasus Mountains). I would like to include a Sephardic female in this study but as of yet do not have a confirmed, representative sample.

Persons who are interested in studying their family's Sephardic and/or Ashkenazic origins using the technique shown above are welcomed to contact me privately (no genealogical or family tree history required).


Adam Cherson
Project Manager
Lost Tribes of Israel Project at FTDNA

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