Sherri Bobish

M Kaplan,

Here are the JewishGen pages to read more about your two towns, including the modern and alternate town names:
Panevėžys [Lith], Ponevezh [Rus], Ponevez [Yid], Poniewież [Pol], Ponewiesch [Ger], Panevēža [Latv], Panevezhis, Panevezio Velzis, Ponavezh, Ponevetz, Ponivez, Ponowitcz, Ponyevez, Pounivez, Punaviz
Region: Kovno
Ramygala [Lith], Remigole [Yid], Remigola [Rus], Remigoła [Pol], Ramygalos, Remygala, Ramīgala
Region: Kovno

Try searching KRIEGER (use a phonetic or soundex search, as names have variant spellings in the records.)
Do one search with surname and one of your town names, and repeat search with the other town name.

For instance, a very quick search found an 1898 record that KRIGER "Registered in Ramygala; lives in Novosiady since 1875"

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

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