Re: New Look at the Question of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Genetics #dna #sephardic

Adam Cherson

PS: For those who pay attention to mtDNA haplogroups, among the Ashkenazic group are the following mtDNA haplogroups: HV5, K1a9 (2), U4c1, H7e, and K1a1b1a. Interestingly, three of these groups (K1a9, K1a1b1a1, and U4)  are mentioned in the Costa paper of 2014 ( DOI: which asserts that these are three main European lineages assimilated into the Ashkenazic population via exogamy. The current observations show that even if this assimilation of Eurooean lineages did occur, the autosomal genome remains from 89.27% to 89.55% Near Eastern in origin: the introgressions of European mtDNA lineages into the Ashkenazi population did not impact the complete genome of comtemporary Ashkenazi ma

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