Vehicle registration query #romania #hungary #general

Avi Markovitz

I was wondering if there is a way to to retrieve the registration of a vehicle from about 1930 in Romania. The plate number as seen on the picture is 1721 Tms. I would be very interested to learn to whom was thia vehicle registerd to...
This picture was taken at the Lubeck/Schulcz Farm house in Nagyszentmiklós (Sannicolau Mare) Romania, whre my grandmother and mothere lived until they were deportation by the romanian Garda de Fier and German Nazis from their farm house in 1941 to the sinagogue in Timisoara.
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Avi Markovits
Interested in: Markovits, Garay (Garai), Ehrenreich, Lubeck, Weisz, Herskovits
Hadad (hodod), Bajmok, Sopron, Alsoberekszo, Szatmat, Nagyvarad, Nagyszentmiklós (Sânnicolau Mare)

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